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Oct. 3, 2021

Episode 0: Announcing the First Official Podfest Podcast

Episode 0: Announcing the First Official Podfest Podcast

Welcome to the official podcast of the Podfest community, presented by Podfest Multimedia Expo--the largest podcasting conference for independent podcasters in the United States! Podfest Founder, Chris Krimitsos, makes the big annoucement and introduces the new hosts, Glenn the Geek of the Horse Radio Network and Jaime Legagneur of Flint Stone Media. This trailer gives you the flavor of the new Podfest Podcast and how it truly will be community-driven. Each episode is a mini Podfest conference experience filled with lessons from past Podfest speakers (some of the BEST in the industry), and centered around Podfest's content tracks. These tips and your hosts' entertaining commentary will help you learn, grow your podcast, and reach your goals. PLUS, find out how we are celebrating YOU on this show and giving away incredible prizes. Listen in and learn how you can be part of it...

Presented by: Podfest Multimedia Expo

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Hosts and Executive Producers: Glenn the Geek of Horse Radio Network and Producer Jaime of Flint Stone Media, Florida Podcast Network, and Business in the Bedroom

Email the Hosts: Glenn: Glenn@HorseRadioNetwork.com | Jaime: Jaime@FlintStoneMedia.com

Assistant Producer: Jorge Hernandez

Intro Voice Over Artist: Jodi Krangle

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