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Podfest Podcast

Podfest Podcast

The official podcast of the Podfest community, presented by Podfest Multimedia Expo--the largest podcasting conference for independent podcasters in the United States. Hosted by Podfest veterans, Glenn the Geek (Glenn Hebert) and Producer Jaime (Jaime Legagneur), each episode is a mini Podfest conference experience filled with lessons from past Podfest speakers (some of the BEST in the industry). These segments will be centered around Podfest's content tracks: Creation / Launch; Technology / Innovation; Audience Growth; Monetization / Marketing; YouTube / Video; and Culture / Lifestyle. Their tips and your hosts' entertaining commentary will help you learn, grow your podcast, and reach your goals. PLUS, we are celebrating YOU on this show with shoutouts and chances to win amazing prizes. Join us for some fun and learn a lot about the craft of podcasting along the way!

About the Hosts:

Jaime Legagneur of Flint Stone Media and the Florida Podcast Network and Glenn the Geek of Horse Radio Network are some of the original members of the Podfest community. Between them, they have a combined podcasting experience of over 18 years and have themselves hosted 5,000+ episodes. They are full time podcasters who have helped launch and produce 40+ shows with over 13,000 episodes across their production portfolios.

Recent Episodes

17: Consistency Versus Flexibility, Episode Structure, Optimizing Remote Recording Quality, brought to you by Buzzsprout

June 25, 2022

On Track 1 of today's episode, Shawn Yesner of the Crushing Debt Podcast will give you a solid understanding of how to be both consistent AND flexible in presenting your podcast, and how that balance can contribute to your A…

16: Tips on Being a Guest, Listener Surveys, and Working with a Co-host, brought to you by Buzzsprout

June 10, 2022

On today's episode, Glenn the Geek and Producer Jaime are catching up post-Podfest 2022!! Then, on Track 1, Genesis Amaris Kemp covers some Podcasting Basics for us with a tip on the best way to be a guest AND how to support…

15: Walk Down Memory Lane on Your Way to Podfest 2022, brought to you by Buzzsprout

May 25, 2022

Take a walk down memory lane with us on today's special episode! These longtime Podfest attendees submitted their favorite memories to get you jazzed up for Podfest 2022: Lee Silverstein, Ellen Ferranti, James Van Prooyen, N…

14: Liz Covart of Ben Franklin's World Hits 10 MILLION Downloads, Plus 10 Secrets to a Successful Podfest, brought to you by Buzzsprout

May 10, 2022

Podfest is less than a month away! O… M… G!!! On this special episode, we have one of the ORIGINAL Podfesters, Liz Covart, joining in as our Legend in Podcasting guest. As the host of Ben Franklin’s World, she shares her pas…

13: Chris Krimitsos on the Podfest Parties, The New Entertainment Track with Jeff Dwoskin, and a Grab Bag of Tips for Getting Started, brought to you by Buzzsprout

April 25, 2022

Chris Krimitsos joins in for the big reveal on the Podfest parties! Then, in Track 1, Glenn and Jaime will be joined by Jeff Dwoskin to hear all about something BRAND SPANKING NEW: the Podfest Entertainment Track! And, in Tr…

12: Women in Podcasting, Leaning Into Being Yourself, and Optimizing Mobile Recording Quality, brought to you by Buzzsprout

April 10, 2022

On today's episode, we are joined by Jennifer Henczel, host of the Women in Podcasting Show, to review The Women in Podcasting track at Podfest. Then, on Track 2, Colleen Gallagher of "The Colleen Gallagher Podcast" brings u…

About the Hosts

Glenn the Geek Profile Photo

Glenn the Geek

Host & Executive Producer, Owner of the Horse Radio Network

Glenn the Geek founded the Horse Radio Network in July 2008. Starting with one show and no listeners, since then the Horse Radio Network has now grown to numerous shows with tens of thousands of listeners from around the world.

Glenn was one of the original Podfest members and has been the opening speaker for most of the Podfest conferences. Having been fulltime podcaster for 11 years he has produced over 12,500 podcast episode and hosted over 5,000.

He hosts one of the three longest running daily podcasts in the world, Horses in the Morning. Started on Nov 1, 2010 it now has over 2,800 episodes and is the most popular and profitable podcast on the Horse Radio Network.

Producer Jaime Profile Photo

Producer Jaime

Host & Executive Producer, Owner of Flint Stone Media & the Florida Podcast Network

Producer Jaime Legagneur is the co-host and producer of the Podfest Podcast and also host and producer of her own show, Business in the Bedroom, and has grown her business producing podcasts and managing podcast networks. She first founded her business, Flint Stone Media, as a digital marketing firm before discovering podcasting in 2014 and establishing her first show, Curve the Cube. She began working as a Production Coordinator for the Horse Radio Network in the summer of 2017, learning more of the business of podcasting. With this foundation, Jaime then refocused her company as a podcast production house, helping other independent podcasters launch shows. In November 2017, she established the Florida Podcast Network, which now boasts five shows–three of which Jaime hosts–Finding Florida, People of Florida, and Florida Podcasting News.

Since then, Jaime has also been the organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters MeetUp group and the Director of The Wedding Biz Network. She also speaks regularly on a variety of podcast-related topics. Most recently, Jaime earned the privilege of being the first Podcasting Instructor for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and the recipient of Podfest‘s 2020 High Achiever Award.